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September 25, 2010

2010 Spring/Summer Recap

2010 started out with my own “New Year’s Birding Resolutions for Munds Park”.  Since this is my last article for the year, a recap of events is in order.  I am a list maker at times – lists help me stay organized and focused – so this article is going to include two lists, starting with my six Birding New Year Resolutions and their results:

1.  Visit the Grand Canyon during the HawkWatch season. Result:  Didn’t make it this year, but did attend a HawkWatch presentation held at the September meeting of the Northern Arizona Audubon Society in Flagstaff.  Susannah J. and I were the two birders from Munds Park who attended. We met some very interesting and helpful people, plus learned a lot about the HawkWatch International non-profit organization and its mission and operations.

2.  Bird the Kachina Wetlands with new birding friends from Munds Park. Result:  Yes, did this with Rita G. over Labor Day weekend – and among many other birds, we saw a Sora and a Ruddy Duck.

3.  Hold at least one gathering of birders in Munds Park this summer so fellow-birders get to know each other and begin networking. Result:  Yes, accomplished this goal with two meetings and made some new friends.  Thanks again to the Pinewood Country Club for the meeting room space.

4.  Do a better job of protecting the Cordillean Flycatchers on our new deck, assuming they nest again, from the predator that was most likely a Raccoon and which knocked down the nest last summer. Result:  Moot point because the Flycatchers did not nest on our deck this year.  However, I am pretty sure a pair did nest under the eaves of the wooden shelter on the 6th hole of the Pinewood Country Club Golf Course.

5.  See the Red-Faced Warbler. Result:  Darn, did not accomplish.  Next year I am going to have to try harder and possibly hold a stake-out on one of our friends’ deck where these warblers often show up at their bird bath.  However, a surprise and uncommon bird that did visit our birdbath this year was a Painted Redstart – a “lifer” for me.

6.  Begin a campaign in Munds Park to minimize, if not completely stop, the bird-kills from birds flying into our homes’ windows. Result:  Hopefully I made some progress on this goal by informing other residents that they can purchase halogenic tape and hang a few strips in front of their windows to deter bird crashes.  Or purchase Window Alert stickers over the Internet to do the same.  Or move feeders away from windows.  This is a resolution I will carry over into 2011.

 The other list I will share is a recap of 40 birds I have seen and written about in Munds Park over the last two years and in what Article they appeared: 

1 American Robin 5 Rufous Hummingbird 11 Black Phoebe
1 Mountain Chickadee 5 Black-headed Grosbeak 11 Say’s Phoebe
1 Lesser Goldfinch 6 Barn Swallow 12 Black-crowned Night Heron
1 Western Bluebird 6 Violet-green Swallow 12 Dark-eyed Junco
2 Acorn Woodpecker 6 Tree Swallow 13 Birding Technology
2 Steller’s Jay 7 American Coot 14 Red-shafted Flicker
2 Pygmy Nuthatch 7 Mallard 14 Painted Redstart
2 White-breasted Nuthatch 7 Canada Goose 15 Pine Siskin
3 Brown Creeper 8 2010 Birding Resolutions 15 Downy Woodpecker
3 Red-faced Warbler 9 Turkey Vulture 16 Broad-tailed Hummingbird
3 Cordillean Flycatcher 9 Common Raven 16 Black-chinned Hummingbird
4 Red-tailed Hawk 9 American Crow 17 Mourning Dove
4 Bald Eagle 10 Red-winged Blackbird 17 Great-tailed Grackle
4 Osprey 10 Yellow-headed Blackbird 18 Recap of Spring/Summer
5 Band-tailed Pigeon        

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If you are year-round resident or a part-time resident who visits in the fall and winter, I would love to hear about your bird sightings and experiences over the coming months.  Just drop me a line at  Some folks have asked me,  “When are you going to run out of birds to write about?”, and I think that will take a very long while as we have lots of bird species in Munds Park. 

Thank you for your interest in the Birds of Munds Park and your feedback.  I look forward to a new spring and summer of articles in 2011.   Good Birding to you all!


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